About Us

We make sure all the elements that go into a great soundtrack, (dialogue, sound effects, atmospheres, foley and music), are of the highest possible quality, and bring them all together into a great mix. 

Piers Gilbertson

Piers has a Psychology/English degree as well as a Masters in Design Science - in Audio and Acoustics from The University Of Sydney where he was particularly interested in psychoacoustics - the way sound effects us emotionally, behaviorally and cognitively. Piers currently does location recording and sound design for The Shack, and works as a soundie at Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand, and as a sound designer/engineer at Marmalade Studio in Wellington. He also plays the drums.

Michael Bates

Michael is an award winning sound designer and current lecturer in the Graduate Audio & Acoustics Program at the University of Sydney.

He has had extensive experience in sound design, music composition, performance & audio production for a wide range of media including: radio, music, video, short film, television, interactive media, gallery installation & theatre, as well as forensic audio, and recording and broadcast studio design.


"I've relied on The Shack for their artistic minds and technical knowledge in sound for almost ten years, and I wouldn't take on a project without them being in the trenches with me. There are not many artists in the sound world like them!"

- John Ma, Director photographer and Producer at Darqhorse Productions

Working with The Sound Shack on "Frontier" was an absolute pleasure!

While the process of working remotely with a sound facility was new, we had worked the Piers on previous projects in Australia, so we knew the experience would be just as positive - and it was! The process was so smooth as we communicated regularly via Skype and Email and exchanged work-in-process files via drop box. 

Their creative contribution was essential and the result was an eerie, thrilling sound track that perfectly enhanced our story.

The Shack did a great job and the process was so easy, we couldn't be more happy with the final result. 

- Cassie Kelly, Producer

"The Shack led the sound capture and design for 'Night Storm' as well as performed, recorded and mixed the music.  A massive piece of work! 

When directing a film or producing an artwork I always look for connection.  I relate to story and character through what I see. Working on set with Piers I noticed his was a different approach. Piers wasn't looking for story he was listening for it. When most were distracted by the business of a film set Piers remained focused on the subtleties. The sound of water, birds, a car door opening or bicycle peddling all became characters and voices in their own right. Piers energy was of someone discovering a sound if not a whole world for the first time. When an individual brings so much value to their craft it is infectious for the whole." 

"The sound scape of the film was an enormous challenge. The film was not following any obvious narrative structure. We entered this film as artists and poets. We would not know the film until we had it. Piers and Michael approached this work courageously. Their design was not held in any preconceptions of the story but rather became a response to performance, movement, composition, rhythm and the shift from interior/internal to exterior space. As a director I wouldn't want to work in any other way. Their understanding of the film grew with the sound scape they created and in turn the sound took on depth. The intelligence and exploration they brought to this process was integral to forming the powerful, unsettling and lonely mood of the film."

"I am ever grateful to the contribution of Piers and Michael to this film and look forward to making more work together soon."

Brendan Heffernan - Director, Producer Artist